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Great Company, Great Products, I love being part of this family. I have been with PamperedChef for 16 years. I love to cook; it is an expression of art for me. I love coming up with an extra ingredient that wows the dish. I love fixing food for friends and family to linger around the table and share our journeys. Hosting is fun and easy, with huge rewards. Host a party today and get your products FREE and discounted. Every month there is a special gift for the hosts and their parties, as well as a gift for guests who purchase items at your party. It is a fun and exciting way to gather either in person or virtually to share recipes, tool tips and laughs. Let me know how I can help as your PamperedChef consultant, plan a party, explore recipes, or just order your next wedding or graduation gift! Order HERE .

Change your Water, Change your Life!! The amazing difference once I looked into what I was drinking. Most water we drink is acidic and aging our bodies. The Kangen Water System produces alkalized water that hydrates you six times better than any other water!

When our body has this improved hydration it functions better, as nature intended. Order HERE .

I started using the doTERRA essential oil line when I was so tired of taking prescription medications that left me with side effects I could not contend with any more.

God gave us a wonder of plant material and natural help, and I find this line the very best! It is pharmaceutical grade, meaning it can be used on your skin and taken without worry of additives or anything impure.

I use the oils daily and regularly, as well as many of their other amazing products, like the ON Guard line.

Check out my doTERRA website HERE and learn more. Don't hesitate to contact me if you want more information.

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