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"Our business started with my health issues. A brain tumor, autoimmune disorder, and fibromyalgia. Kangen Alkalized water made all the difference- Change your Water Change your Life. I began brewing Komucha for the healing benefits on my kitchen counter. That grew from my home to a cooperative commissary kitchen in the south valley - South Valley Economic Development Center. From there we were able to remodel and be in our own production space. the opportunity to open a retail door on RT 66 was too good to pass on. Today we have a Brewtique Kombuchery on Route 66 in the same city my Father was born in - 1934. My Dad's last words to me before he journeyed on to be with Jesus were, "Stay the course and get that business off the ground." I am so thankful to God for all that has come and all that is to come in this adventure."

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